Junior Representation

Following a review of junior bowls by Bowls Victoria the following recommendations were submitted and subsequently approved:-

1. Develop a recruitment pack/letter from BV to students participating in School Programs.

2. Develop a School/Teacher Ambassador Program

3. Junior Club Accreditation program to be developed.

4. Specific meeting to discuss U18 Club Competition

5. Re-brand and re-launch of the Junior Squads.

6. Develop the U18 Ambassador Program

7. Coordinate Junior Bowls Calendars to include Schools, Squad & Sate Events

8. Provide Regional Bowls Managers with Junior Participation Targets and Resources to ensure they’re sharing the same information with Clubs Schools & Regions.

9. U18 Committee to recruit additional members with specific skill-sets and develop a more project-based approach

The ab0ve recommendations will take the Eastern Ranges U18 squad to a higher level, but BV still have work to do now that these recommendations have been approved.

Laurie Browell & Ian Hosken