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State Champions Week Schedule, Draw & Results

State Champions Week Schedule

State Champions Week Draw

Results :

Men’s Fours May 4th  (Ben Simmons / Colin Veenendaal / Andrew Dalli / Jay Bye-Norris)

Women’s Fours May 4th  (Wendy Cantwell / Carol Klooster / Jean Fothergill / Pat Thompson)

Men’s Singles May 4th  (Jay Bye-Norris)

Women’s Singles May 4th (Karen Barton)

Mixed Pairs May 6th (Mary Farley / Zac Woning)

Men’s Champ of Champions Singles May 7th (Jay Bye-Norris)

Women’s Champ of Champions Singles May 7th (Rayna Zunneberg)

Men’s Pairs May 9th (Max Goldsmith / Zac Woning)

Women’s Pairs May 9th (Vicki Smith / Karen Morgan)

Men’s Triples May 9th (Darren Mays / Earl Mathison / Will Mays)

Women’s Triples May 9th ( Patty Whorlow / Kirsten Day / Trish Cullinane )

Men’s Novice Final May 9th (James Ridd)