Eastern Eagles

15th Junior Provincial Championship 20th January 2021 – The Wrap Up

Wednesday was a productive day at Daylesford.

Side 3 of ERBR, lead, Cody Sefton, second Flynn Eaton and skip Blake Keel had 2 wins and 1 loss for Eastern Eagles. First game against Geelong was a win 13 to 7, (13 ends), second game against Northern Flyers was a loss of 24 to 31, (13 ends) and third game against Bendigo a win 20 to 7, (14 ends).

In the first game Cody had 6 ends of effective shots with 5 holding shot after completion of his or his opponents bowls. Flynn had 4 effective shots with another 2 shots being a near miss to convert or knock out opponents bowls. Blake had 7 effective ends converting or adding to our rink total. You all had 4 ends of multiple shots being 2 x 2, 1 x 3, and 1 x 4.Keeping our opponent to 1 shot in all 7 ends lost for the whole game. In total you won 6 ends and lost 7.

Game 2. Cody had 5 ends of holding shot. Flynn had 4 ends of effective shots with 1 moving jack to assist us in scoring a winning end. Blake had 6 effective ends however the opposition skip came through and took shot in some cases. You scored 2 multiples, all 2’s and the opposition 3 , all 2’s.You won 6 ends and lost 7.

Game 3. At this stage the heat of the day set in. Cody scored 5 effective shots. Flynn , 6 effective ends and Blake 6 effective ends. You scored 7 ends with multiple shots, 4 x 2 shots, 2 x 3, 1 x 5, keeping the opposition to 6 ends all 1 shot except for a multiple of 2 that they got.

Well done guys. We have competitions, events and training days coming up. Under 18 open singles ERBR, Heathmont Amaroo Classic, Jellis Craig Classic and further training days with the next being on Wednesday 27th January at Hawthorn Bowls Club. Shortly you will receive an events calendar which will also detail training days. The ERBR training days in conjunction with Sandbelt and Yarra Regions are to provide you with the tools and strategies to improve your game, assist in reading a head, and make you more confident in playing certain shots. This is all a learning experience.


Thanks guys for a great day, enjoy competitive bowls and get that winning feeling and edge.


Cheers Liz Bower

ERBR Junior Committee